Despite being released in 2015, the first mobile game of the Fallout franchise had more than 170 million downloads by June 2020, with a wide global audience of both existing Fallout fans and new players. Since its mobile release, the game has also been released on PC on Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and even in Teslas.

The game’s premise is explained in one of the first sentences of the game’s introduction: “As Overseer, your job is to expand and maintain the Vault, while keeping your Dwellers safe and happy.” …

You walk into your room and the light is on. The only thought that crosses your mind is that the orange glow of the ceiling light is far too dim. You turn on your study lamp and the incandescent light creates an instantaneous spotlight. You adjust its position, allowing it to highlight your space of concentration.

What is light?

We are exposed to the pervasive medium for the majority of our waking hours. It often defines the mood of a setting, yet is often preconceived as a static, background medium. Through a lifetime of constant exposure, our response to it…

Get jiggy with it.

Fun, flashy, and intricately crafted, Pharm Phresh is a lighthearted and refreshing take on the digital keyboard launchpad. Before you read, check it out at


Though project initially began as a vastly different concept. Pharm Phresh is a prime example of great work resulting from the constant changing and adapting of ideas. The plan was to create a real-time digital landscape which would morph in response to given music. However, as the team recognized these technical difficulties, instead of clinging onto their original ideals they decided to modify their end product.

Emmy Cao

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